The Nowhere Land

When we landed in the “airport” of Jogjakarta, we were absolutely not ready for what was ahead of us. Jogjakarta is situated in the center of the Java Island, and is the second most touristic city in Indonesia, after Bali. We wanted exotic and we finally got it in a country where all the signs are in bahasa language and almost nobody speaks english. The airport looked like a big wooden house,  there was dozens and dozens of taksi drivers harassing us at the exit of the airport, but we managed to take the bus, which is completely different from what we are use to.

After a small walk in the city, we went to bed, because we had to wake up at 3AM to take a tour to go see the sunrise over the Borobudur Temple Valley, which was one on the most beautiful sunrise I ever saw.

Jojgakarta is known for its 2 world famous temples, Borodubur and Prambanan.

Borobudur is a 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist Temple with 504 Buddha statues. It is the world’s largest Buddhist temple on earth, and the greatest. Just so you know, yound Indonesian love to take picture with foreigner. I took at least 60 different pictures with young student. It starts to bother after a couple…

Prambanan is a 9th-century Hindou temple and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sadly, it started pouring rain during the middle of our visit of this temple.

Tired after some 4-5 hours of sleep, we got back to the hostel to take some sleep because we booked a trip to trek the most active volcano in Indonesia, the Mount Merapi. The tour was picking us up at our hostel at 23h, the trek started at 1AM. It was a 4 hours up – 3 hours down trek in rocks and sand, where all the climb took place in the dark, with some cheap flashlights. It was a really exhausting and rewarding experience that I am so glad I did. We were not prepared and equipped for this kind of trek, but we managed to get on the top to see the sunrise. The view at the top at 2930 meters was stunning, it’s not a view you get everyday, and it is impossible to catch it in a picture.

Than, it rained for the rest of our trip, so we just walked in the city and reached the Water Castle, where the king used to take bath and watch his women in the pool.

Follow your dreams.



*Visited from February 4th to 8th.


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