Surf paradise

I had really big expectations for Bali. Beautiful beaches, nice people, cool surf and big sun. I hate to say I was disappointed, even though I really enjoyed my trip. The only thing I really wanted to do over there is to learn how to surf. Well I did!

I learned to surf at Pantai Kuta, along with all my friends, and we saw an astonishing sunset on the beach. Warning, Kuta Beach is the most disgusting beach I ever saw, with tons and tons of trash in the water during high tide. I do not recommend this beach to anyone because of this.

When you go to Bali, always be careful, especially during the night. Balinese in scooter tried to rub us 3 times, since the street are to tight, you can’t escape the thieves.

To continue the trend, we decided to trek another active volcano, Mount Batur. It was a smaller trek, only 1h30 to go up, same to go down. We thus climbed the volcano by night to be able to see the beautiful view of the sunrise over the volcano lake.

Having decided not to go back to Kuta Beach, we found a local hidden beach, Pantai Pandawa, at 45 minutes taxi ride from Kuta. The water was turquoise and we saw another beautiful sunset, in which we had a lot of fun taking pictures. We had problem to go back to Kuta, since there is absolutely no taxi waiting for tourist at that beach. Thanks to a nice Indonesian family, we got back to our hostel unharmed.

Warning, lot of sunset pictures ahead!

You get the best learning from travelling.


*Visited from February 11-15


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