Mui Né

The Sand Dunes

After an exhausting 8 hours bus, we arrived at a random bus terminal at 4 AM with the shuttle bus driver refusing to drive us to our hostel, which was already booked, so we had to wait until 6AM to finally find a taxi to drive us to our hostel.

Mui Né Backpacker Village is own by a super nice American man that let us check-in earlier with fee so that we could take a small nap before starting our tour in the dunes. We even had the time to take a small dip into the beautiful pool.

Mui Né is ofter a place left aside by the travellers in Vietnam, but I think its completely worth visiting. We booked a jeep tour for 4$ for all the afternoon. We started with The Fairy Canyon and walked in a small river for about an hour with amazing surroundings. This place is not called  the Fairy Canyon for nothing.

We then visited the famous Sand Dunes, and rented a Quad-Bike to explore the Dunes by ourselves. It was my first experience in Sand Dunes and even with the little fall we had on the Quad, I really enjoyed it.

We ended our afternoon trip to the Red Dunes to watch the sunset. Sadly, there was a bit too much clouds, but the moment was still perfect.

After a day of relaxing next to the pool and eating fresh fish and seafood on the seaside, we took our second but, this one was for 18 hours, to go to Hoi An, the tailoring paradise.


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