Hoi An

World Heritage Site by UNESCO

After an endless 18 hours in the fabulous (not) vietnamese sleeper-bus, we finally arrived around 10 AM in the center of Old Hoi An, the tailoring paradise. We found ourselves the perfect party hostel, the Sunflower Hostel, which was a little bit outside of the Heritage Site.

We took a small dip in the pool before going to explore the beautiful ancestral city.


I bought a black cocktail dress tailored on the spot, so happy about it!

Even though the history of this city, we decided to only stay one full day to explore it, so we could make the trip to Hué on our own the next day by renting a scooter!

Overall, the trip was around 5h straight, but since there is a lot of things to see on the way, we stopped and lot and so it took us around 8h to arrive at destination.

First stop: the Marble Mountain in the area of Da Nang. It’s a pack of five limestone and marble hills on the flat ground. One of them have a beautiful buddhist temple on top of it, with a stunning view of the beach and the city. this area was a big exporter of marble, but the excavation was recently banned to preserve this natural beauty.

After following the beach for about an hour, we turned to cross the mountain that is separating Da Nang and Hué. The road was not that bad and the experience was incredible! The view we had on Da Nang was beautiful.

On the other side of the mountain, there was a cute fishing village. From this time, the light was going down so we decided not to stop too much to take picture because we did’nt want to finish the ride in the dark, since there is absolutely no lights on all the road that are mostly in construction, and thus, really dangerous!

Dream Big!


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